von Andrian Lab Videos



Nature Reviews Immunology Supplementary Video s1.mov

This movie shows the location of B cells (green) and T cells (red) in the lymph node, relative to the microcirculation (which has been visualized by injection of a mixture of red and green fluorescent dextrans, and appears yellow). B cells are located in the distal B-cell follicles, whereas T cells remain in the paracortex.


Nature Reviews Immunology Supplementary Video s2.mov

Lymph conduits. Injection of fluorescent dextran (green) into the skin allows visualization of the afferent lymph vessel in a mouse popliteal lymph node. The lymph fluid accumulates below the lymph-node capsule (blue).


Nature Reviews Immunology Supplementary Video s3.mov

Exclusion of large molecules from the lymph-node parenchyma. This movie shows that the fluorescent lymph remains confined to the subcapsular sinus and does not penetrate the lymph-node parenchyma.


For details on experimental methods & techniques see:
von Andrian, U.H. and Mempel, T. Homing and Cellular Traffic in Lymph Nodes. Nature Reviews Immunology 3: 867-878, 2003. [Full Text PDF]